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Life Insurance in Florida

Pritchards And Associates Inc., in Okeechobee, FL, offers quotes for life and other insurance covers in the area and throughout the state of Florida. The choice of life insurance policies depends on what the owner wishes to achieve and their needs. The following are some of the common types of life insurance;

Term Life Insurance

This type of insurance offers financial protection for a fixed period of time. It is cheap compared to permanent life insurance. The premium rates for the said period of time do not change. However, they could change after that period is over and the holder has the option to forgo coverage or accept the new payment terms.

Universal Life Insurance

This life insurance type offers financial protection for a lifetime. The premiums are subject to change and they can go up to the maximum or the minimum amount provided by the contract. This makes it possible to adjust your payments.

Whole Life Insurance

It is a permanent life insurance that provides coverage for a lifetime. It has no cash value. With this policy, you pay a fixed amount of premium every year. The interest paid can be adjusted after every year. You may even take loans against the policy.

Pritchards And Associates Inc. helps residents of Okeechobee, FL find the life insurance policies that suit them. We help our clients determine whether they need it, how much they need and the type that is best suited for them. Our clients get the life insurance that works for them but does not take up too much of their cash. We are an independent agency so our biggest priority is offering our clients what they need.

We offer quotes for other insurance covers as well. Visit us in Florida to find a quote. You can use our online rating tool for home and auto insurance quotes. You may also contact us toll-free on 877.763.6625