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Health Insurance in Florida

Even though Florida State laws do not compel employers to offer group healthcare insurance, most of them do. The law, however, demands that all the policies offered cover some mandated benefits and that employees be allowed to continue group coverage or seek individual policies in certain circumstances when they leave the group. Employees that are sick cannot be asked to pay more if they are in the group plan. At Pritchards And Associates Inc. in Okeechobee, FL, we offer quotes for health and other insurance policies. Below are some types of health insurance plans;

Family And Individual Health Insurance

These plans cover a wide range of services including; laboratory services, mental health care, prescription drugs and disease management, rehabilitation, maternity and pediatric care. It can be renewed usually in a year or longer

Dental Insurance Plans

They cover dental services for individuals and families. They reduce the overall cost of dental care. Preventive dental insurance plans cover the full cost of checkups and routine cleaning. Basic dental insurance is for simple services such as fillings and deep cleaning. The major plans cover half of the treatment.

Health Benefit Insurance

This health insurance plan provides financial protection for medical services that are frequently needed. It can protect both individuals and families and some plans may include supplemental medical insurance for additional protection from accidents and severe illnesses. These plans are flexible and are suitable for those who do not belong to an employer group health insurance plan yet. It can also serve as a complement to major medical plans.

Pritchards And Associates Inc. is an independent agency that is committed to finding the right quotes for our clients in Okeechobee, FL and the rest of South Central Florida. We ask all the right questions to ensure that our clients get the most fitting insurance in Florida.

Visit our offices to discuss a new quote. For home and auto insurance, you can find one on our online rating tool.