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Farm Insurance in Florida

Running a farm or a ranch is a dream for many Americans. Living as a farmer takes time and huge financial commitment. You invest in equipment and property. Natural disasters, sick livestock, and crop failure can lead to huge losses. For your farm to run smoothly and be successful, you need to have good risk management plans. Having the right farm insurance policies in place is a wise move. If you are in Florida, we at Pritchards And Associates Inc. in Okeechobee, FL can help you get farm insurance. Our policies can include the following.

Farm & Ranch Liability Insurance – this insurance offers different package policies. It offers coverage for your home and other buildings, equipment, supplies and personal & farm liability.

Farm liability covers bodily injury and property damage. It pays for medical expenses, property damaged and the cost of defending yourself if you are sued.

Farm & Ranch Auto Insurance – coverage for your farm vehicles. It covers your farm trailers, trucks and any car used in the farming operation. The policies are similar to auto insurance.

Farm & Ranch Umbrella Insurance – umbrella insurance offer extra liability insurance for your farm. It protects you from major lawsuits and claims.

Misc. Farm & Ranch Coverages Insurance – this plan offers coverages for everything else in the farm that is not covered by the package policy.

Farm products like feed, grain, seed, boats, animal liability coverages are offers. Many others are offered as per the client’s needs.

When purchasing farm insurance from Pritchards And Associates Inc., there are many additional coverages you can consider that include but not limited to Milk Contamination, flood, outbuildings, fire legal liability, employers liability, and equine liability. We will be glad to help you protect your farm from unforeseen unfortunate circumstances. Call or visit our offices in Okeechobee, Florida to protect your farm. We care about your investment and protecting it will be our priority.