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We offer the lowest cost of any national payroll service, with average annual savings of 10% to as much as 60%. And, if you are doing your payroll yourself the savings are enormous. We utilize a simple pricing formula that’s based on your processing frequency and the number of checks anddirect deposits each pay period. And our pricing includes Tax Preparation and Filing each pay period and quarterly.


With our robust Payroll Processing system, you can reduce the time it currently takes you to process your payroll. With our system your payroll can be completed in 3 easy steps. And, for larger organizations, we offer a fully integrated Time & Attendance solution that automatically updates payroll so its ready to go when you are.


We make our service easy to use and flexible to meet your schedule, not ours. And with our on-line access you can manage and prepare your payroll . . .

Anywhere . . . Anytime



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Our fully integrated, single sign-on Payroll Processing and Time & Attendance solution will recapture those “lost” costs, improve your labor distribution and planning, improve scheduling efficiency and, most importantly, deliver a positive Return on Investment in a very short period of time.


This highly effective solution is designed to work with both your hourly and salaried employees. In addition to eliminating waste and improving efficiency , new federal and state laws require accurate time and attendance records for all employees.


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