Smart Loss Control Tips for Mobile Home Owners

Mobile homes (legally referred to as manufactured homes if built since 1976) trace their origin back to the early years of cars and motorized highway travel. They have grown in size and improved in quality since the early twentieth century. Mobile homes are often beautiful and highly functional. They are also much more affordable than traditionally built homes.

Protecting this investment is of utmost importance to mobile home owners. The following are some loss control tips for people with these types of homes.

• If you have a hollow exterior door, consider investing in a solid one for better security. All exterior doors should also be fitted with high-quality deadbolts.

• Use timers on your exterior lights when not home to provide the illusion of occupancy.

• Form a neighborhood watch program if you do not currently have one.

• Install and periodically monitor fire detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Purchase at least two fire extinguishers for your home and ensure they are fully charged.

• Verify that your home has proper anchoring. Mobile home tie-downs could protect your property and your life during high winds. Use a licensed contractor to install, strengthen, or repair your tie-down system.

• Add tie-downs to outlying structures, including carports, swing sets, and storage sheds.

• Verify that your furnace and hot water heater are properly secured to the home and not sitting freely in a utility closet.

• Install adequate skirting to discourage varmints from nesting beneath the home.

For more information, and to discuss ways to protect your mobile home from loss and liability, call a trusted advisor at Pritchards And Associates. Toll Free: (877) 763-6625.

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