Help The Air Conditioner In Your Business Keep Its Cool

More small business air conditioning breakdowns occur in early summer than at any other time. And your company pays the price in equipment downtime and heat.

Pritchards And Associates wants to help you avoid all that. That’s why we’re offering tips from a professional field inspector. Watch this short (4:25) YouTube video:

Air conditioning maintenance for small business: Value of an annual inspection.

Any change in normal operating characteristics is a warning. Call a service technician if you notice:

  • unusual noise or vibration
  • a strange odor
  • oil or water spots
  • sudden changes in temperature, speed or pressure

Then correct the problem at once. That’s critical advice. And of course consult with a professional before undertaking any maintenance steps or repairs.

An adequate service program may cost a little more up front, but it will pay off in long-term savings.

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