How Boat Insurance Protects You Off the Water

Boat insurance does not just protect you on the water, you get protected on the road, in dry-dock, moored, etc. as well. Pritchards and Associates Inc. wants you to understand the essential boat insurance coverages so you why boat insurance is so important and you know when to call us to file a claim on your policy.

When you think of boat insurance, you might think of the protection it affords you on the waters around Okeechobee, FL, and wherever you travel. The liability coverage that pays for the medical bills and settlement if someone incurs an injury while on your boat probably springs to mind. You probably also think of the coverage that pays for your boat repairs if hit by another boat.

Boat insurance protects you off of the water, too, though. Let’s say that you keep your boat in dry-dock. A tornado hits the storage facility. Your boat repairs or replacement get covered by the comprehensive coverage component of your boat insurance.

Perhaps, you instead moor your boat in a marina in Okeechobee, FL. A hurricane hits and the storm surge damages your boat. The comprehensive coverage component also covers this damage.

Driving from the dry-dock to the boat ramp, a truck strikes your vehicle and boat trailer, causing damage to all three. Your auto insurance pays for your vehicle and trailer damage, but your collision coverage on your boat insurance covers the damage to your boat.

Pritchards and Associates Inc. wants you to understand the various coverages you can obtain for your boat. A standard policy may not provide all coverages making it even more important to meet with one of our insurance agents to determine what coverage you really need.