What You Need to Know About RV Insurance

RV ownership opens up a whole new world of travel and adventure for families and individuals. Because an RV is a special type of vehicle, regular auto insurance is usually not the best idea. If you have questions concerning RV insurance, we have answers at Pritchards and Associates Inc, serving Okeechobee, FL. Let’s find out what you need to know about RV insurance.

Isn’t Auto Insurance Enough?

Many people think that adding their RV to their regular auto policy will be adequate. The truth is insurance policies specifically designed for RVs provide customized coverage. An RV policy can include protection of personal belongings because when you travel or stay in your RV for an extended amount of time, your personal belongings will be with you. An RV policy can also be paused if you will not be using the RV for extended periods of time during the year. This can save you money on the policy cost. The best way to know which type of policy will work for you and your family will be to sit down with a knowledgeable insurance representative. 

What Do RV Policies Cover?

An RV insurance policy can be customized to suit your individual needs, however, most policies will cover the following general areas:

Collision/Comprehensive- In the event that your RV is involved in an accident, this coverage will pay for repairs or replacement of your RV. 

Liability- If your RV is the cause of an accident that causes injuries to other vehicles or to individuals, this coverage will pay for damages and medical bills which result. 

If you would like to learn more about our insurance products, please contact our office at Pritchards and Associates Inc, serving Okeechobee, FL. We will be very happy to answer your insurance questions and help you pick the best coverage options.